A Note from Barbara

There I was, standing in the feminine protection aisle, trying to sort through the endless sea of products, when it hit me—not one box of tampons, pads or pantiliners had an ounce of style! Where was the fun? The feminine flair? And why did I feel like I was in a hospital? The products all looked like medicine, which made me feel ill. And I wasn't—I just had my period.

How Dittie was Born

At that moment, my mission became clear—to develop a new brand of feminine protection that didn't lok at a woman's cycle as an ailment. And so Dittie was born—the first premium brand of feminine protection that gives women superior quality, ultimate reliability, diva-worthy style and a whole lot of fun all rolled into one super-fine, fabulously affordable package.

Not Just Pretty on the Outside

Dittie looks like something you'd find at the cosmetic counter, not in the pharmaceutical aisle, so you can feel free to flaunt them—in your cart, at the counter, by the bathroom sink. And we're not just pretty on the outside. Inside, each individual Dittie features fun, empowering Dittie messages that will make you smile, laugh, think and feel good.

Kicking Taboos to the Curb

Dittie is dedicated to kicking taboos to the curb by creating a network of girls and women who are proud to buy, wear and share their Ditties. After all, who hasn't been stranded in a bathroom stall, needing a tampon, pad or pantiliner, wishing we had a friend on the other side to help us out? We've all been there. And that's what Dittie is all about—spreading the vibe, walking with pride and passing our Ditties on.

Take the Dittie Pledge

So grab your favorite girlfriends and join me in taking the Dittie Pledge: In a stall, on the street, wherever I am, whenever I can, I pledge to share my Ditties with any girl, woman, mother, sister or daughter in need.

"Do you have a Dittie?"

Pass it on.™